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Ways to quickly obtain coins in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Earning coins in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team is vital if you want to venture into the transfer market to improve your squad, so building up a coin balance quickly is a necessary task.

Unfortunately, EA FC 24 is pretty strict with the packs you are rewarded with in early Objectives and Squad Building Challenges, with the majority of packs you receive being untradable—though there are other ways to build up a coin balance.

Whether you’re just starting off in the game or have depleted your balance and are in need of more coins to continue improving your squad, we’ve got you covered with our tips on some of the best ways to build coins fast in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.

Complete Objectives

An example of the Objectives screen in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, showing Player Development Objectives to play matches, score, and assist with Evolutions cards, and build 23 Chemistry.
Simple Objectives provide decent rewards. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

While a lot of the packs you receive as rewards for completing Objectives are untradable, there are several early tasks that reward coins for completion. While these won’t boost your balance enough to spark a spending spree to sign the likes of Kylian Mbappe, they provide a decent bonus, particularly if you are early in the game.

You can check the Objectives you need to complete on the Objectives screen in Ultimate Team. There are several different categories, with the Live section updated regularly and the Milestones section providing long-term goals for you to achieve.

Finally, the Foundations section is where you can find a lot of the rewards that dish out coins in Ultimate Team, with the majority being for easy tasks like improving your team Chemistry, listing an item on the Transfer Market, and changing your club details.

Play matches

A screenshot of the page showing the amount of coins received at the end of a match in EA FC 24.
Play matches, earn coins. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

At the end of any match you complete in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, you will receive coins. Usually, this is around 500-600 a match, which can quickly stack up to build a decent balance for you to spend on squad improvements.

Squad Battles is a great way to complete matches quickly, as the half-length in this mode is four minutes compared to the six minutes in online game modes, and it provides the added bonus of making you eligible for weekly Squad Battles rewards.

You’ll even earn coins from matches you’ve played in Online Friendlies in Ultimate Team, so you can mess about with your friends and be rewarded in the process.

Bronze pack method

The store page in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team showing a Bronze Premium Pack, Silver Premium Pack, Gold Premium Pack, and a Preview Pack.
Open packs and sell the contents. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

The Bronze Pack method has been a staple of Ultimate Team in EA Sports’ games for years and is a simple task to complete, with the benefits being significant early on in the game. In short, all you need to do is buy Bronze packs and sell the contents.

Bronze packs are by far the cheapest pack available in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, costing just 750 coins for a Premium Bronze Pack, and the minimum price on the Transfer Market is 150 coins. If you can sell all 12 items you receive, you’ll make 1,800 coins.

While there’s no guarantee the items you receive will sell, Bronze players are sought after early in Ultimate Team as players use them to complete the basic Squad Building Challenges, and some Bronze players can be worth thousands.

Open packs from Moments

The Moments Seasonal Store in EA FC 24, showing a selection of rewards including a Three 81+ Defenders Player Pack.
Some great packs for very little effort. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

Moments in EA FC 24 is a game mode that takes very little effort to work through, as it provides simple tasks to complete in timed scenarios, and the rewards can be great. While many of the Packs you can redeem your Stars for are untradable, others are not.

If you open a tradable pack using Stars from Moments, you’ll be free to sell the contents and, as you paid nothing for the pack, you’ll even make a profit by quick selling cards. If your luck comes in and you pack someone expensive, you can rake in the coins.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to the amount of Stars you can earn and several of the Packs are restricted to a set number, but it’s a great place to begin if you haven’t already.

Master trading on the market

A screenshot of the Transfer Market in EA FC showing Dubravka, Quiros, St. Clair, Benger, Mroz, Andersen, Rivaldo, Thiago Silva, Mathisen, and Hofler for sale.
Buy low, sell high. Screenshot by Dot Esports.

Mastering trading on the Transfer Market in EA FC 24 is a skill in it’s own right and, while I’m by no means an expert, there are several simple tips that can help you take advantage of this feature in Ultimate Team.

Players who are likely to receive an in-form card usually see the price for their base card boosted when the Team of the Week is released, as that card will no longer be available in packs for a limited time. If you buy the card before the TOTW is released, you may be able to sell for profit.

SBCs also provide a great way to earn coins on the market by selling players who are popular choices to complete the challenges and you can predict these players in advance, particularly with Marquee Matchups that are based around real-world fixtures and boost the prices of nation or club-specific players.

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